3D Bar Fuorisalone 2019 – Making Of

March 2019


Caracol Studio will present the first ever 3D printed Bar at the Milan Design Week 2019. The 3D Bar is going to be exhibited at Stecca 3.0, as part of the “Unlimited Design” exhibition of Isola Design District.

The 3D Bar is designed through generative design and completely produced by a robot arm system, a technology patented by Caracol. The project focuses on sustainability and circular economy, using as a material a recovered bioplastic from industrial waste of Flo Spa.

Get a look behind the scenes at The 3D Bar Making Of !



Thanks to :

Flo Spa

Isola Design District


Other Sponsors:

Beverages: Aviva; Nastro Azzurro

Light: Delta Light

Green: Giorgio Tesi Group; Green Island


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