Sculture Informali

“Designers produce consumption, gives birth to useful things, imposes duties and “good” manners, recommends how to solve problems, offers and shares goods. Is at the service of humans.

Artist’s hand is not obliged to give explanations, is individual expression and often ends in itself, does not suggest features or specific uses,sometimes is arrogant. Is at the service of God.”

The performance, which has been prepared for the Milano Design Week 2017, aims to show the creative and productive process of exclusive terracotta artifacts, created by a 6axis robot arm trogh an additive manufacturing process.

From the handmade clay mixture, passing through the installation of the extrusion device on the robotic arm, to the physical creation of digitally designed model, the intent is to create a living scenography able to narrate a new post-industrial productive process, enhancing both the artisanal and technological components of it.

Once the terracotta artifacts were realized by the extrusion of the robot, they were immediately made available to Jelena Dakonovic, a Belgrade artist and designer who had the task to process them live during the installation: the final result is the creation of unique artworks that correlates two different modus operandi able to go beyond the limit between art and design.

The context in which the performance took place, the Gianni Rizzotti’s photografy studio , was a fundamental part of the whole process. The contrast between the aseptic spaces of a photographic studio and the installation turns into synergy when the bare partitions of the studio become both the stage and the wings of the performance.

The non-standard use of sophisticated technological supports is as well part of this peculiar and artisanal relationship between man and machine. The rhythm beated by the continuous alternation of digital and analogical systems transports the spectator into a narrative path that highlights the most human and fascinating aspect of digital fabrication: a path that starts with the man, passes through the machine and ends up again in the hands of the artist.

The “Sculture Informali” are indefinable, eloquent and awaiting objects. They are sequences of a code generated by the perfect rules of math, suddenly fragmented by the randomness of human improvisation. They are sculpted from clay: an ancient, living, human material and as human sensitive to water, air, gravity. They are meant to be touched, perceived, used, consumed.


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