Expo Astana 2017

Caracol Studio was selected to take part to a global event such as EXPO Astana 2017, representing Italy with an artistic installation on the “Future Energy”.

The performance exhibited in the Italian Pavillion has presented a mechanical robot arm executing an activity  completely unconventional to its standard: its industrial nature was re-processed, transforming it into a tool at the service of creativity.

Following a contemporary and flexible approach to the technology, Caracol Studio has programmed the robot to execute an endless series of drawing during the duration of the 3 months of Expo Astana 2017.

The main topic is the iconographic storytelling of energy history – theme of EXPO 2017- starting from Alessandro Volta’s invention of battery to the more recent systems of renewable energy.

The rhytm of the narration hypnotize the visitors, astonished by such human gesture a performed by a mechanical arm.

The installation was conceived, designed and realized by Caracol Studio for “Fondazione Volta”.


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