“A flower: pure beauty, need math to understand how beauty works, need math to read beauty. A function is defined by variables, parameters, digital synopsis and finally coordinates. Notes. Lost in translation, follow the path and get notes, notes play music, magic. A machine is dancing: is beautiful and now sync it, translate it, observe it carefully and then listen, everything is just happening.”

“Rhodonea” (from ancient greek “rhodon”: rose) is a performance art born from the collaboration between Caracol Studio and Ejtech, based on a research on audiovisual and robotic transcendence.

The core of this artistic exploration lies in the interaction between human sensitivity, machines and a disruptive use of technological tools beyond their traditional applications.

The performance merges the unique aspects of the experimental researches conducted by Caracol Studio and EJtech, enhancing them in an integrated project. The freedom of movements given by a 6 axis robot represents the raw material of the performance: it allows a machine to reproduce spatial paths with a fluidity which is impossible to follow otherwise.

A graphic path derived from an ancient mathematical function called “Rhodonea” – defined by the Italian mathematician Luigi Guido Grandi, around 1725 – is reproduced in space by the robotic arm, transforming the digital design into a physical harmonic dance.

The application of sensors on the mechanical arm allows to map the movements performed and to process them through a complex system that extracts a melody based on this robotic dance.

The whole process takes place in real time: the music derives from the dance of the robot. The drawing represents the notes, the graph represents the score

To visually enhance the performance, a UV laser is placed on the end of the robot arm, releasing a temporary lighting trace on a special photosensitive canvas: this ritual performed by the mechanical limb is thus translated both into shape and music, allowing the eyes and ears of the viewer to enjoy the performance in an inclusive and olistic way.

Concept ideation: Caracol Studio + EJtech

Robot programming: Caracol  Studio

Sound design: EJtech – Esteban De La Torre, Judit Eszter Kárpáti

Video: Matteo Bellomo


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