The 3D Bar

"The 3D Bar" Caracol

For the 2019 edition of Milan Design Week, Caracol Studio has conceived a unique and ambitious project: “The 3D Bar”, the first bar ever to be manufactured by a 3D printing robot system, using recycled material.


At “The 3D Bar” visitors had the occasion to get a drink in an almost surreal athmosphere: its organic shapes were made through a generative design process. The aim is to witness how design and technology can create an unprecedent and astonishing aesthetic that is expression of a new sustainable way of production.

The project was realized in partnership with Flo Spa, whose industrial plastic waste were recycled and recovered to be used as construction material for “The 3D Bar”. This circular economy approach, that adds new value to the discarded plastic, combined to additive manufacturing made “The 3D Bar” an example of an innovative and sustainable crafting solution.

See the pictures of “The Making Of”, here:


3D printed Design

Design Caracol

"The 3D Bar"

Design Caracol

"The 3D Bar" by Caracol

"The 3D Bar" by Caracol


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